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RUSSIA. 1/25. Kremlin, Moscow

1 of 25, Russia

JERUSALEM - Western "Wailing" Wall

It's a strange feeling being there at the very place which has caused people from different religions to fight against each other. Just a piece of land which will always remain after each of us. Isn't it ironic that a sacred place for so many should cause so much hatred and fight? And still attract worshippers or tourists like me. 
These were some of the thoughts I had while being down there, after the checkpoints with scanners, seeing worshipers in army attire with guns hanging and worship towels and hats on their heads. 
Postcards should bring good memories though. I've always tried to stay aside from politics when discussing postcards, swaps.. Maybe it's good to stop here and just enjoy this picture below.

JERUSALEM old town and walls

The old town of Jerusalem has been declared a UNESCO site since 1981 under the region "Jerusalem District" after a proposal by Jordan in 1975. Thanks, Joao for the comment - noted. :)
At the same time this city is on the tentative list of Israel. I guess this won't be declared a site of Israel any time soon.
Despite this fact there is no need to say why it's a remarkable place. I visited it in 2010, but now thanks to Postcrossing I manage to get postcards from it.
I'm not sure even how to tag this post. Leaving it with a tag "Jerusalem" by the suggestion of Joao.

SWITZERLAND. Jungfraujoch, Plateau, Aletschgletscher

Another fantasic view from the Swiss Alps thanks to Hansjuerg

BELARUS. Corpus Christi Church, Nesvizh

1 of 4 in Belarus

ESTONIA. Tallinn Old Town

Another view from Tallinn thanks to Postcrossing

Tentative. BULGARIA - Belogradchik rocks

I got this as a present from my husband's aunt. People have been bringing on sending me postcards since I started collecting them.

UZBEKISTAN. 1/4. Samarkand - Ulugbek's madrasah

One of my most favourite places still on my list to visit. I've been fascinated with this region since my childhood when I used to read a lot about the Silk Road. I bought this postcard from an ebay seller located in Uzbekistan. Sadly, he didn't read my request to post it written and stamped. But still I'm happy to have it.
1 of 4 in Uzbekistan

ITALY. 3/49 and 4/49. A few sites on one postcard

Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto 




4 of 49 in Italy

ESTONIA. Tallinn Old Town

One of my first Postcrossing postcards. I'd love to visit it one day.
1 of 2 in Estonia

SWITZERLAND. Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

This one if from my friend Hansjuerg from Switzerland, the first card from a many swaps to come. On the pucture - Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau.
1 of 11 in Switzerland

ITALY. 2/49. Syracuse

A place on my list for visits. 2 of 49 for Italy.

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ALBANIA. My lovely Berat - historical centre

The city of the 1000 windows - you know what I mean when looking at the postcard. I bought it myself when I visited the country in 2011. A great country which deserves to be visited! :)

Tentative. RUSSIA. Historical Irkutsk

One of the first cards received through Postcrossing

BULGARIA. Pirin mountain - self-posted

I posted it to myself from the town Razlog in the bosom of Pirin

GREECE. Another iconic view of Mycenae

GREECE. Archeological site of Mycenae

Self-bought postcard from a place I read a lot about as a child. The Greek mythology was very interesting for me and since I also read the Illiad, I dreamt of seeing the mask of Agamemnon live. Well, I saw it there in a HOT September day in 2010 during my honeymoon.
1 of 17 in Greece

EGYPT. Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

I'm happy that I have this postcard, sadly I've lost contact with the sender Mohamed Aziz.
I visited the place myself on my honeymoon more than 3 years ago, so I have fantastic memories from there. I hope to return to Egypt and explore more sights to the south.
1 of 7

ITALY. 1/49. I'm not so sure but.. Trevi fountain, historic centre of Rome

I really must go to Rome..maybe I should know then if the fountain is a part of the site in Rome.
Danilo from Italy wrote that I must be able to guess which that village is :-D
Well, for now - 1 of 49!

TURKEY. Historic areas of Istanbul - Dolmabahce palace

One of the first postcards I got from swappers.
1 of 11 in Turkey

PORTUGAL. 1/15. Lisboa - here comes my favourite..:)

Portugal and Lisbon are something special to me. I loved Portugal before I visited it, after that - even more. Charming architecture and people so welcoming, just like home! :)
This site is The monastery of the Hieronymites and the Tower of Belem. I didn't manage to enter either of them. No time for the monastery, the tower personnel was on strike the day I went there, so.. at least I have a good reason to return with a bigger pleasure. :)
1 of 15

CZECH REPUBLIC. Prague historic centre - a stunning place

A person like me, hungry for historical sites, feels like a child in a candy shop when being there.
Sadly, both times I was there it was raining. Maybe I should try a third time and this time actually post the card.
1 of 12 :)

POLAND. Krakow at its best

My favourite cathedral in Poland..

POLAND. A fantastic view from Krakow old town

Again from my self-bought postcards..

POLAND. Another card from Warsaw

Again self-bought. Ooh, when will I receive one actually travelled from there :)

AUSTRIA. Two almost similar postcards from Vienna historic centre

Interestingly enough, for some reason I have two cards with the same front design, but different back. Maybe I bought both of them in 2006, maybe I bought the second one later during my later trips to the city...who knows :) 1 of 9 in Austria

POLAND. Krakow historic centre

Another Polish site, more good memories. Almost 24 hours spent in the city, walking almost all the time, but it's worth it. :)
2 of 14 for Poland

POLAND. Postcard no.3 from Warsaw

The old town centre

POLAND. Another view of Warsaw

POLAND. Historic centre of Warsaw - an amazing story

Almost completely demolished during the WWII, the historic centre of Warsaw was completely rebuilt after the war. It was me who bought this postcard. I'll always remember the days in 2006 I spent there. The freezing cold in March didn't stop me exploring the historical sites. It really deserves the visit, at least to see how perfect it looks now and try to imagine how much work was invested in rebuilding it.
1 of 14 in Poland

NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam canals

This is another old postcard from 2006, again a present from my friend Emil who spent a few days at a conference back then. 1 of 9 for The Netherlands

HUNGARY. Another card from Budapest

This one I got from a very close friend of mine - Denitsa. She went to work in a project in Budapest back in summer 2005. After she got back, she gave me this card. Deni, I still keep it! :)

GERMANY. The oldest UNESCO postcard I have

This one is from a German friend of mine called Nando, whose home town is Cologne. I received this card, dated 25.01.2005, a few months after his internship in Bulgaria ended and he went back to Germany.

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GERMANY. Upper Middle Rhine Valley

2 of 38 :)
The castles are an important part of the valley site.

Tentative. GERMANY. Schwetzingen palace

1 of 10 from the tentative list thanks to my good swap friend Michael.

BULGARIA. Another one from Pirin, Bulgaria

1 of 9

BULGARIA. Pirin National Park

My first post about my own country Bulgaria. The mountain is unique!! :)
Self-bought, never posted

SRI LANKA. 1/8. Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Kandy

First ever postcard from Sri Lanka, thanks to Hasara :)
1 of 8 :)

FRANCE. Palace of Versailles

My first post about a site in France. Thanks to my fellow Bulgarian Nadya, who lives in France and sent me this postcard.
1 of 38 :)

GERMANY. Another view of the Cologne Cahedral

Thanks to my good swap friend Joerg from Germany, who posted it during a trip to the city.

HUNGARY. Budapest

Thanks to my friend and compatriot Daniela Mitkova. I've been to Budapest but didn't buy a postcard. Good to have other options... :)
1 of 8 sites in Hungary

CHINA. Old town of Lijiang

A fantastic postcard from a tranquil place. The old town of Lijiang looks a fantastic place for relaxation! Thanks to my good swap friend SophyRen
1 of 45 in China

JAPAN. Fujisan! :)

Mt. Fuji deserves being the first postcard listed here. Thanks to my good Postcrossing friend Yuki from Osaka. The stamps are also dedicated to Fuji.

GERMANY. Cologne Cathedral at sunset

The Cologne cathedral, 1st site out of 38 in Germany

SPAIN. First post, first postcard. 3 out of 44 sites in Spain :)

thanks, Joao! :)
My first postcard on this site. From Joao in Portugal, from his recent trip to Galicia, Spain.
The sites are Santiago De Compostela, the Roman Walls of Lugo and the Tower of Hercules at A Coruna