събота, 25 януари 2014 г.

UZBEKISTAN. 1/4. Samarkand - Ulugbek's madrasah

One of my most favourite places still on my list to visit. I've been fascinated with this region since my childhood when I used to read a lot about the Silk Road. I bought this postcard from an ebay seller located in Uzbekistan. Sadly, he didn't read my request to post it written and stamped. But still I'm happy to have it.
1 of 4 in Uzbekistan

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  1. Samarkand is well high on my "bucket list" since I've read the extraordinary book by the Lebanese author Amin Maalouf - have you read it?... I have several cards (written and stamped) sent from there on my blog... let's continue dreaming about the day we finally go there!

  2. Hmm, no - I haven't read it, but as far as I remember, I also read about it in the 1001 Nights (Arabian Nights) as a child. A swap friend from Germany visited it last year and when he got back from there, he sent me a postcard he made from one of his photos in Samarkand. I'll upload it as soon as I reach it. I've been uploading chronologically from oldest received.. :)
    And yes - it would be great to go there! Oh, I finally must overcome my fear of flights :-D It prevents me from travelling and it's ridiculous :-D