събота, 25 януари 2014 г.

JERUSALEM old town and walls

The old town of Jerusalem has been declared a UNESCO site since 1981 under the region "Jerusalem District" after a proposal by Jordan in 1975. Thanks, Joao for the comment - noted. :)
At the same time this city is on the tentative list of Israel. I guess this won't be declared a site of Israel any time soon.
Despite this fact there is no need to say why it's a remarkable place. I visited it in 2010, but now thanks to Postcrossing I manage to get postcards from it.
I'm not sure even how to tag this post. Leaving it with a tag "Jerusalem" by the suggestion of Joao.

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  1. the Old City of Jerusalem is a UNESCO WHS since 1981 (it was proposed by Jordan), so you should remove 'tentative' from the title...
    The card I got from there I've tagged it as "Jerusalem", instead of a country name!

    1. Hm, but here
      Ah, I found it.
      Well..everything is irregular in this region :(